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Saturday, July 6, 2013

friday finds: learning to love that which I must do


A four letter word.
A necessary evil.
We all grumble about it.
Try to avoid it.
Do as little of it as possible.
Can't wait to get home from it.
Are only in it for the money (and benefits).


In the words of Dennis Prager - one of the great philosophers of our time (whose daily radio show I can no longer listen to because, you guessed it: I'm at work):

"Learn to love that which you must do."

This was the subject of one of his radio shows a few years ago, and as usual I found myself nodding enthusiastically in agreement.

So what is my strategy?

I am simply...grateful.

  • That I even have a job in this economy. A job with benefits. That's huge, especially right now. 
  • That it's not such a bad job. In fact it can be quite interesting/challenging/rewarding at times.
  • That I work in a clean, comfortable, safe environment (I'm a bank teller.)
  • That I work with a great group of people. We make a great team, including our supervisors. We make it fun.  Even in the midst of great stress, we can still laugh.
  • That I work for a company I respect.
  • That I enjoy our customers...especially our 'regulars.' I've been at this little branch for almost three years, and I know most of them by name. I like to help people. Visit with them. Share joys, sorrows, hobbies, philosophies, life stories.
  • That work gives me a routine, a purpose on which to focus when life is, shall we say...'challenging.'
I could go on, but you get the picture.

Note: this event occurred yesterday just an hour after I snapped the above iPhone picture at my teller unit...I was merely a witness, and thankfully no one was hurt.

Linking up with Friday Finds, where we "celebrate what we have found, discovered, uncovered this past week." I am also learning about Phone Photography in a Big Picture Class this month (I am already hopelessly behind, but thankfully I will have 'forever access' to the material)...this photo is my answer to the 'From Where I Stand' challenge. I used an Instagram filter in here and some iPhone app editing in Snapseed and PS Touch, thanks to one of Kim's tutorials. It's all a learning-curve blur!

Oh...and the shoes: Dansko. I own just two pairs: one black, one brown. Good shoes are key if you are gonna stand 40 hours a week.



  1. Cindy, you have certainly given us something very important to think about...Appreciation for our daily work is essential since God gives us our work. Thank you for reminding us....

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Cindy, that even when the job isn't perfect, it is something to be grateful for!

  3. Totally agree about the Dansko's from my retail days. I have a black and brown pair as well :) Are you on Instragram? I am taking the class too and really enjoying it. Taking more photos with my iPhone than I have in the year since I got it. See the bank robbery thing would be what would scare me, in retail the worst you had was shop lifters.