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Thursday, November 27, 2014

an american-italian thanksgiving

These things
to me:
Canon 6D + Tamron 24-70 lens
LR preset: kk_earthywgrain
PS textures: kk_waterfront1 and kk_waterfront21

as seen on Instagram
iPhone 6 captured with Camera+ app
edited with Leonardo and Stackables apps

family heirlooms
now in my keep:
ravioli rolling pin,
macaroni pot,
Italian embroidered linen tablecloth
and matching napkins
(a wedding gift for my folks in 1953)


This is what
Thanksgiving dinner
looked like
in our family:
homemade ravioli
homemade ricotta filling
the best ragu
you ever tasted.

We kids never had a traditional
Thanksgiving turkey dinner
until we were
and living on our own.

For the record,
none of us
ever objected.

Also for the record,
we considered ourselves

Greg, Cindy, Mom, Grandpa,
'Dudie,' Adrienne, Lissa
(Dad was behind the camera)
Thanksgiving 1966
at Dudie & Grandpa's house

Dudie wisely got out her best
plastic faux lace tablecloth
for us kids
(tomato sauce stains quite reliably)

Greg, Cindy, Adrienne, Lissa
making ravioli with Grandpa
in our kitchen
November 1969
See the rolling pin?

The tradition continued
- in a way -
when we kids
had kids,
only now it's

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

humble of heart

There's something about
dried flowers
that speaks
to me

LR preset: kk_pause
Textures: kk_anne and kk_bamboo

I gathered several of these
'daisy heads'
from my garden
this fall.
I found them
to be
infinitely more
than their
showy summertime
the black-eyed susan

I set up
this little still life
and captured it
with my iPhone 5
just so I could
with some apps.
as seen on Instagram

It is a mystery that unless unless the seed falls to the ground and unless it dies, it remains alone. I realize that there are many things in me that must die before He can live: my pride, my ambition, my impatience, my anger. The difficulty in loving my neighbor, or listening to the problems of another. There is much that I must die to. But unless these things are conquered, He cannot live in me.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

i'm never really ready for this...

...but after an unusually warm October
(I was just on my bike the other day - in shorts!)
near-zero temperatures
and blizzard-like conditions
are indeed a
shock to the system.


Yesterday I watched
out the window
as it began
to snow.

I felt compelled
to draw.

Soon the white stuff
began to collect
on the few remaining leaves
still clinging to
the aspen trees
in our back yard.

As my eyes saw
my hand drew...
in my heart
I sensed
their plight.

I felt
their fear.

I knew
how it would end.


Early this morning
I felt compelled
to capture
this unfolding drama
with my camera.
It was so cold
I didn't want to risk
damaging condensation
in my 'big' camera,
so I made a few quick captures
with my iPhone 5.

Version 1

Editing done on my iPad
with the following apps:
LEONARDO - adjust exposure, contrast, brightness
PHOTOGRID- create layout
STACKABLES - add textures:
Winter Frost (Multiply 20%)
Glacial Ice (Color 25%)
Bleached (Soft Light 75%)
Worn Canvas (Hard Light 25%)

Version 2

Editing done on my iMac with
LIGHTROOM (preset: kk_truecolor)
The 'platinum' Gradient Map adjustment layer
(Lighten Blend Mode 32%)
toned down the bright
yellows and greens
just a bit.


For everything there is a season
and a time for every matter
under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


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Thank you Roxi and Julie
for getting me hooked
with your
This is seriously
too much fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

still life: unwrapped


This week's Be Still 52 challenge:
Start with just two things.

Canon EOS 6D
Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 lens
Aperture Priority Mode
on tripod
ISO 400
f/5.0 1/200 sec
original photo SOOC

Preset: kk_truecolor

I've been revisiting Kim's
Photoshop Recipe Book
which, BTW, is now
included in a subscription to her
There is so much goodness here,
you gotta check it out.
I experimented with
a few recipes
and ended up with my own.
Playing with filters is fun too!
is one of Kim Klassen's classic textures
from her
Texture Collection 1

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