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Saturday, October 18, 2014

weekend walk: just up the street

Most of us lead far more meaningful lives than we know.
Often finding meaning is not about doing things differently;
it is about seeing familiar things in new ways.

There is an irrigation ditch at the top of our street,
and the path alongside it
is a popular destination for folks
in our little neighborhood
to go for a stroll.

Recently I took
my iPhone camera there
for a little spin
(funny how I think of my iPhone
primarily as a camera -
probably because that's the main reason
I got an iPhone in the first place)

No definite intentions
or real plans
for what I might

...just delighting
in the
simple beauty
of the place.

The dirt path is shaded by
many big old trees.

A couple of these
big trees
had been recently
cut down.
I mean
b i g.

Someone had
gathered some apples
and then left them
to rot.

I was of course
drawn to this rusty old
piece of machinery;
I think it controls
the water flow

The entire ditch property is bordered by
several fenced-in back yards
with gated access
to the trail.
Lucky for me
the gates are weathered
and rather rickety.

One property
has this little old cottage
on the banks
of the ditch.
I like to imagine it
as an artist's studio.

October is a beautiful time of year,
with its contrasting colors
of early fall.

This was my favorite
fence/gate shot;
I am fascinated by the
tenacity of nature
as it overtakes
man's efforts.


iPhone 5
ProCamera app
I love how I can control
focus and exposure
especially useful
on a hazy-bright day
with plenty of
dappled sun and shadows.

I haven't yet figured out
how to efficiently
edit a batch of iphotos
(I'm sure there's an app for that)
so I just imported everything
into Lightroom.

Minimal editing:
just a bit of the basics
and minor cropping.
Then I auditioned several presets
and finally chose Kim's

No texture work needed;
I tried a few but found
that it interfered with
the clarity,
and literally
muddied the waters.

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  1. Great walk around your neighborhood. I think of my phone first as a camera as well. Looking at the new iPhones recently I tried it out as a camera, never thinking to hold it to my ear like a phone. LOL!

  2. I feel like just went on a walk with you. Thanks for showing me around - so lovely!

  3. I enjoyed the walk and your thoughtful words. Thanks so much for also including the info on your camera and editing. It's fun to learn from each other. I've been debating the purchase of an iPhone. For now, I bought a new point and shoot camera to carry along every day (Fuji X30) - we'll see how it goes. . .

  4. Just found you. (I'll bet you didn't know you were lost:) this is going to be FUN! I don't understand a bit about the app stuff but maybe it will seep in...Laura aka hastypearl

  5. What a beautiful and quiet place to wander - lovely images. I am amazed by the size of that tree stump, I can't image how large that tree must have been.

  6. What a wonderful walk through your neighborhood! I will have to try that app Camera Pro!