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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

siamese love

Just had to share with you a couple recent Finds (I know...it's supposed to be Friday Finds, but by the time I pull it all together, it's days later.)

Not quite sure the cyber path I took to actually get here, but the other night I discovered Paper - a new app for my iPad mini (which I bought so that I could more easily edit my iPhone photos). The initial download is free, but for less than $10.00 I quickly upgraded to the full version. This is my first effort, a quick sketch of Lillian, lying next to me on the floor. Just done with my finger on my iPad! How cool is that?! I'm thinking about getting this stylus to improve my drawing experience.

And speaking of Lillian...she's been living with us for over a month now, but it wasn't until Erin and Haakon were gone this week - housesitting for my brother (make that keeping their dog Bixby company) - that we learned about the nocturnal behavior of cats. Since we've never had a cat of our own, this was something new. Well, there were a few sleep-deprived nights, spent navigating our turf and attempting to establish boundaries.

Lillian won.

She managed to keep me awake for a few hours each night, simply wanting attention. I never once considered banishing her to her lonely room, and since Bob is still sleeping downstairs on the recliner sofa (two weeks after shoulder surgery)... I was her plaything: trounced on, laid upon, licked, nudged, pawed and meowed at. She did on occasion pay Bob a brief visit, gently climbing onto his lap - mercifully without disturbing his sling.

Lillian is delightful company...the cat Erin always wanted but couldn't have because Bob is allergic to furry critters, especially rabbits and cats. So is Haakon. Apparently not all breeds though.

It is debatable just who is the luckier one in this equation: Lillian or Erin and Haakon. They got her last summer on Craig's List, from a family that just didn't really want her anymore.

Lillian is doted on, pampered, indulged, photographed and cared for lovingly by Erin and Haakon...and now us too.

Lucky cat. Lucky us.
Lately I've been focusing on layouts - both in Lightroom and in Photoshop - studying Kim's many tutorials. And just playing around, which is the best way to learn. I wanted to unify these disparate photos, so I followed Kim's Matte Finish tutorial for LR, where I also made the layout; in Photoshop I added the text (font: MTF Skinny Jeans) and Kim's 'zen thing' texture (Multiply blend mode 59%), which I masked off of the photos a bit.

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  1. Your sketch is Lillian is great...I just discovered an app for iPad pen and ink and the two look very similar...I have been having fun with it too....

    I love reading about your adventures with these cats...Cats are wonderful pets and certainly entertaining...I hope your hubby's shoulder is well soon...

    1. They really are a delight! Yeah, Bob's shoulder better be well soon: I am having my shoulder surgery in two weeks. LOL.

  2. Lovely ... cats are the master of the house (and don't you forget it)......

  3. Great story. How lucky Lillian is to have been found by all of you.

  4. Siamese are different from most breeds. I have adopted both and the Siamese simply do not like being alone at night. Toys such as tunnels, treat balls, and the turbo scratcher help. I can't live in a house without cats and Siamese are my favorite. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. Lillian is beautiful.

  5. Blown away by that drawing Cindy! Looks like a Picasso. Technology is amazing.

  6. Lillian is a beautiful inspiration for your art.